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What is and how to make an international remittance

Make international transfers safely, quickly and low fees using Tether (USDT), a cryptocurrency backed by Dollar.

You send (BRL)
Beneficiary receives (USDT)
Exchange R$ 10,00
Fees R$ 10,00
You receive (BRL)
Ícone Real BRL
Sent from abroad (USDT)
Ícone Tether USDT
Exchange R$ 10,00
Fees R$ 10,00


Count on the structure that has already negotiated more than R$3 billion.


Send and receive money abroad in just a few minutes.


Count on our team of experts in real time.

What is international shipping?

Also known as international transfer, it is the process of receiving or sending money between people or companies from another country online, carrying out the exchange between the coins.

Tether is the same thing as the dollar?

Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency classified as stablecoin’, backed by the US dollar. Being thus, each 1 USDT has the same value as US$1. Your principal objective is to connect the traditional financial market to cryptocurrencies.

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1. Create an account at Brasil Bitcoin

The first step is very simple, just create an account on Brasil Bitcoin, start by clicking Crie conta.

2. Make a deposit via Pix

To do this, simply go to the ’deposit’ tab, select the option Real (BRL)’, copy the Pix key and make the transfer by some banking institution.

3. Buy Tether

Go to the trading section, select ’Tether (USDT)’ and make the purchase of the desired amount.

4. Send to recipient

In ’withdraw’, select the ’Tether (USDT)’ option and fill in the recipient data to send.

1. Create an account at Brasil Bitcoin

To create your account at Brasil Bitcoin, simply click index/v5/remittance.aqui(Crie uma conta), the process takes less than 5 minutes.

2. Manage your deposit portfolio

The first step is very simple, just create an account on Brasil Bitcoin, start by clicking here.

3. Sell Tether

To sell Tether, access the ’trade’ tab 0and make the sale of the desired value.

4. Withdraw in reais

In the Withdraw tab, select the ’Real (BRL) option, enter your bank details correctly and make the withdrawal via Pix to your account.

What are the fees for making international remittances in Brazil Bitcoin?



Negotiations and remittances using Cryptocurrencies do not affect collection of IOF (Tax on Financial Operations).



* The maximum fee charged on a trade is 0,5%.

For transactions above R$50,000, you can use our OTC, which has no trading fees.


Deposit and withdrawal

No deposit fees.

No fees for internal cryptocurrency withdrawals.

* Check other rates on our pricing page fees and limits.

How long does it take to make an international shipment in Brasil Bitcoin?

The process of sending and receiving transfers international exchanges in Brasil Bitcoin with Tether is fully automated, taking just a few minutes to be Concluded.

What are the limits for sending and receiving Tether on Brasil Bitcoin?

There are no limits on deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies like Tether in Brasil Bitcoin, so you can trade freely, without worrying about possible limitations.

Make international shipment
In-App Shipping

What is international shipping for?

Salary Icon

Receive payments and salaries

Receive funds from abroad in a practical and safe way.

Shipments icon

Send to friends and family

Make transfers to people you know who are outside the Brazil.

Investment Icon


Diversify your portfolio by exposing yourself to the strongest currency in the world world, the dollar.

Products icon

Import and export products

Make international payments for the purchase and sale of online products.

Common questions

When using USDT to make international remittances, your transaction should be completed within a few minutes.

If your Brasil Bitcoin account is verified, there is no limits for making transactions. It is worth noting that if want to carry out transactions above 50 thousand reais, you can use the OTC tool to negotiate the value, to ensure greater liquidity and agility.

The transfer is done in a decentralized and fully secure through blockchain technology.

When comparing with other exchanges and exchange houses, the rates to buy Tether (USDT) in Brasil Bitcoin are among the smallest on the market.

Make international shipments safely and quickly!

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