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Count on regressive rates, humanized service and advanced negotiation tools.

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Basic Brazil Bitcoin Trading Platform

Why trade at Brasil Bitcoin?


We have a robust structure that has already traded more than R$ 3 Billions and has custody in cold wallets.

Lower fees

Trade with the lowest trading rates in the Brazilian market, in addition to the regressive rates.


We have large international partners who provide high liquidity for large trading volumes.

Humanized support

Did you have any problem? Count on the help of our experts via chat, email and phone.

Tools for traders

Brazil Bitcoin Advanced Trading Platform


Set a price and when the market reaches it, an order will be created according to the values you preset.

OCO (One-Cancels-the-Other)

Create an order that can be canceled if the cryptocurrency reaches a pre-determined price and a new order will be created according to the parameters entered.

The charting solution is powered by TradingView, a platform for traders and investors with versatile technical analysis tools and high-performance data streaming to help track currencies like Bitcoin price on charts and more.

For beginners and experienced traders

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Basic Platform

Are you starting out in the market now? Use our basic platform and trade with ease and practicality.

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Advanced Platform

Use the most advanced trading tools on the market and maximize profit in your operations.

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