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Your shortcut to the world of cryptocurrencies

With Quick Buy, trading cryptocurrencies has never been easier and more accessible. Schedule your acquisitions automatically and diversify your portfolio with just a few clicks.

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Why choose Brasil Bitcoin to trade cryptocurrencies?

Brazilians’ favorite

Trust the platform chosen by more than 420 thousand Brazilian clients, who have already traded more than R$3.5 billion.

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Brasil Bitcoin has the best rating in the crypto world on the App Store, Google Play and Reclame Aqui.

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We serve beginners to experts, count on a complete platform and humanized service.

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Quick Buy
is for you:

Frequent investors

Ideal for those who make frequent purchases in cryptocurrencies and are looking for a more agile method.

Newcomers to the market

People new to the cryptocurrency market looking for a simple way to trade.

How to use
Quick Buy?

Cell Phone Browsing the Pix Area
1° Step

Access your bank’s Pix Area and tap “Withdraw”. If you want to schedule or carry out the negotiation on a recurring basis, search for “Schedule”;

Inserting the Pix Key
2° Step

Enter the Pix Key email: [email protected]

Cell Phone Navigating the Bank App
3° Step

If scheduled or recurring, enter details such as frequency, start and end date;

Entering the desired value
4° Step

Enter the desired value;

Cell Phone Navigating the App
5° Step

In the note field, type "comprarapida-tagdamoeda".

Replace "tagdamoeda" with the chosen currency, such as "btc" for Bitcoin, example: "comprarapida-btc".

coin tag
cell phone on success screen
6° Step

After Pix confirmation, Brasil Bitcoin will automatically process the purchase of the chosen cryptocurrency, without the need to access the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Purchase allows you to automatically purchase cryptocurrencies via PIX. After accessing your bank’s app, you make a transfer via PIX to the specific Brasil Bitcoin key, including the desired cryptocurrency tag in the observation field. The transaction is processed automatically, without the need to access the Brasil Bitcoin app.

The minimum value to make a Quick Purchase is R$10. This affordable value allows you to start investing in cryptocurrencies easily and with low initial risk.

Quick Purchase is available for cryptocurrencies listed on the Brasil Bitcoin platform, which includes the most popular such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT), among others. See all here

After PIX confirmation, the cryptocurrency is automatically purchased and will soon be credited to your account. Processing time may vary but is generally quick, maintaining the efficiency of Quick Buy.

You will receive a confirmation from Brasil Bitcoin as soon as the transaction is completed and the cryptocurrency is available in your account. It is a transparent process and you will be notified at each step.

Yes, Brasil Bitcoin is known for its security and reliability in the cryptocurrency market. As an industry-first exchange, it adopts robust security measures to protect its users’ transactions and accounts.

Simplify your negotiations with Brasil Bitcoin Quick Purchase!

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