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Learn how to buy Cardano (ADA)

We will teach you how to buy Cardano in just a few steps!

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Cardano 3D Cryptocurrency

A little about Cardano

In addition to being developed based on scientific methodology, Cardano is an open source project that was developed in layers to run financial applications used by companies, consumers and governments around the world. It can be used to send and receive money, however, digitally, thus guaranteeing fast and direct transfers that are protected by an encryption system.

Current price

Variation 24h

Market value


Cardano uses the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks as a base, and based on this factor, the project aims to build a more efficient network, positioning itself as a third generation network.


The team of developers is made up of highly qualified experts and a dedicated community, also having partnerships with several universities and scientific institutions around the world.

Lower costs

Cardano’s technology means that much less computing power is needed for its blockchain to work, making transaction costs lower.

What are the steps to buy Cardano?

Create your account at Brasil Bitcoin

First, you need to create your account at Brasil Bitcoin, it’s super simple and fast.

Deposit via PIX

With your account created, you need to make a deposit, which will be made available in your account quickly.

Buy Cardano

Lastly, to buy Cardano, simply go to the trading page and start your purchases.


Why buy Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano Privacy


One of the fundamentals of Cardano is the importance of striking a balance between the need for market oversight and protecting the privacy of all users.

Cardano Blockchain


The Cardano blockchain network is segmented into two layers, liquidity and computational. In this way, the network is capable of executing smart transactions and contracts, which allows protocols to be updated seamlessly between layers.

Cardano Versatility


Due to the segmentation of the blockchain, the community can make necessary changes to its protocol without the need for a hard fork, keeping in mind that the network is highly adaptable.

Reasons to buy Cardano at Brasil Bitcoin

Total security

Brasil Bitcoin is the safest exchange in Brazil, we have a partnership with COAF, we follow all the rules established by the Federal Revenue, in addition, the assets in custody are fully protected in cold wallets.

Best Rates

In addition to valuing your security, we also value the importance of your money, which is why we have the lowest rates in the Brazilian market.

Specialized Support

Are you having a problem? Don’t worry, as Brasil Bitcoin does not have robotic service, therefore, we have a team of experts who are ready to help you.

Common questions

Brasil Bitcoin is the best and least bureaucratic cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil, here you can buy Cardano in just a few minutes.

To buy Cardano is super simple, just create your account at Brasil Bitcoin, make a deposit from R$ 10 and start trading Cardano with ease and agility.

In total, Brasil Bitcoin’s biggest principle is the safety of users, which is why its assets are protected by cold wallets, which avoids any type of incident, guaranteeing the total security of all values traded.

The price of Cardano and other cryptocurrencies is assessed through supply and demand, that is, if there is a high demand for Cardano, the more the crypto asset tends to appreciate in value.

Come to Brasil Bitcoin and buy Cardano without bureaucracy!

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