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How to buy gold safely and quickly

Buy gold quickly with the lowest rates using the best exchange in Brazil.

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Count on the structure that has already negotiated more than R$3 billion.

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Buy Gold with the lowest rates on the Brazilian market.

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What is Gold and why is it so valuable?

Gold (Au) is a well-known chemical element from the metal family and valued. Historians believe that gold was the first metal to be discovered by man.

One of the reasons gold is valuable is that it cannot be produced It means that your reserves will someday run out. Gold is also one of the most malleable metals in the world nature, in addition to being a great conductor of energy and does not suffer from corrosion like other metals.

What is Pax Gold? It’s the same thing as gold?

Pax Gold is a cryptocurrency issued by Paxos, being a stablecoin that has physical backing in Gold. Each token represents 1 troy ounce, approximately 31 grams and follows the price gold international.

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Fractions of PaxGold to buy

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R$ 100,00

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R$ 1.000,00

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R$ 5.000,00

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R$ 10.000,00

Why should I buy Gold?

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Portfolio Diversification

Gold is a very safe asset to have in your portfolio, which does not usually suffer negative fluctuations.

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Store of Value

Historically, Gold has proven to be a great hedge against inflation and crises.

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Growing demand

The demand for Gold is growing a lot due to recent wars and use in the creation of chips.

1. Create an account at Brasil Bitcoin

To create your account at Brasil Bitcoin, simply click here, the process takes less than 5 minutes.

2. Make a deposit via Pix

To do this, simply go to the ’deposit’ tab, select the ’Real (BRL)’ option, copy the Pix key and make the transfer through a banking institution.

3. Buy Pax Gold

Go to the trading section, select ’Tether (USDT)’ and purchase the desired amount.

1. Create an account at Brasil Bitcoin

The first step is simple, click here e create your account in less than 5 minutes!

2. Pax Gold Sale

Enter the trading section, select the Pax Gold token (PAXG) and sell the amount you want.

3. Make a withdrawal via Pix

For the last step, you must go to the withdraw tab, select the Real (BRL) option, paste your Pix key and make the transfer to a banking institution.

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Brasil Bitcoin

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Several hours




Above 1.1% pa.


Physical gold

Multiple business days

No, just physically

Just above R$300,00


It does not have


Common questions

Yes! The platform uses the same bank algorithms to maintain customer data and custody completely secure, in addition to the custody of physical gold linked to Pax Gold

To purchase Pax Gold through Brasil Bitcoin, simply download the Brasil Bitcoin app, access your account on the platform and make a deposit via PIX and use your balance to trade.

The minimum amount to buy gold at Brasil Bitcoin is 10 reais.

As it is a stablecoin, the appreciation of cryptocurrency occurs for the same reason that makes gold appreciate, such as deflation or cases such as high demand.

Buy and sell Gold with the lowest rates on the market

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