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What is Bitcoin?

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Stay up to date with this new development that is revolutionizing the financial market.

How Bitcoin works?

Bitcoin works based on blockchain technology, which in literal translation means chain of blocks.

The blockchain is the "magic" system that makes the entire Bitcoin network run smoothly. It is such a revolutionary and effective technology that it has been adopted by the largest companies in the world to improve the effectiveness of their operations.

As its name suggests, blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain digital information. In the case of Bitcoin, this information is the amount of coins transacted, the date of the transaction, etc.

This blockchain is maintained by a decentralized network of thousands of computers spread across the globe, so that if a problem occurs with one part of these machines, the others can preserve data security.

This decentralization makes the network practically impossible to hack, invade or defraud.

It is different from what generally occurs in company and institutional databases. In these cases, the information is usually stored in safes at their headquarters, which is more vulnerable than thousands of machines spread across the world.


Bitcoin is safe?

Bitcoin has operated uninterruptedly since its launch about a decade ago. In these years, the network has undergone changes, overload tests and numerous fraud attempts.

Even so, Bitcoin withstood all of this without any problems. Its protocol was developed to withstand the most elaborate attacks, and it is practically impossible for an attacker to defraud the network, due to its extensive decentralization.

Advantages of Bitcoin


The creation and storage of Bitcoin are carried out in a decentralized, way, guaranteeing its security.


As it is a global cryptocurrency, Bitcoin allows sending and receiving anywhere in the world.

Low Fees

With Bitcoin, you can transfer large amounts while paying extremely low fees.


Bitcoin has no limit on transactions and does not require justification of the reason for its transfer.

How to buy Bitcoin?

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