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About Bitcoin

Created in 2009 by a person or group of people using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to exist in the world, and the intention of Bitcoin is to be used as a faster and safer alternative, compared to traditional fiat currencies.

Basically, Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be transacted globally between people and companies without the need for a government body or company to mediate the operation.

Current price

Variation 24h

Market value


Bitcoin runs on a network called blockchain, where information from each transaction is stored in publicly interconnected blocks.


Bitcoin is a scarce cryptocurrency, there will only be 21 million units worldwide, and more than 90% of the units have already been issued.

Store of Value

Bitcoin is becoming a store of value, being increasingly adopted by countries around the world as an official currency and serving as a hedge against government censorship and blockades.

How do I buy Bitcoin?

Create your account

The first step takes less than 1 minute, which is create an account at Brasil Bitcoin, the best exchange in Brazil.

Deposit quickly

Now, you need to make a deposit via Pix, you will notice that the amount will be made available in your account in a moment.

Time to buy Bitcoin

Finally, time to go shopping, just access the "Trade" page, select Bitcoin and make your purchase.

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What are the benefits of investing in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Security


As Bitcoin is decentralized and has blockchain security, it is impossible to suffer from cyber attacks.

Bitcoin Risk


Bitcoin usually has moderate price fluctuations, which allows for greater profits.

Bitcoin Freedom


You can send and receive Bitcoin from anywhere on the planet quickly, easily and securely.

Why buy Bitcoin at Brasil Bitcoin?

Greater security

One of Brasil Bitcoin’s principles is the security of our users, which is why we use several algorithms to always provide a high level of security on our platform.

Lower fees

Thinking about providing a better experience for our users, Brasil Bitcoin has the lowest trading fees in Brazil.

Professional support

Our support is 100% humanized, that is, we do not use robots to provide assistance. Our specialized team is always ready to meet your needs.


Common questions

You can buy Bitcoin through Brasil Bitcoin, the best crypto exchange in Brazil.

No! At Brasil Bitcoin you can start investing in Bitcoin with just R$ 10.

At Brasil Bitcoin, you can buy Bitcoin easily, quickly and safely. Simply open a free account at Brasil Bitcoin to make a deposit and trade from R$10, meaning no bureaucracy.

Yes, Brasil Bitcoin uses bank algorithms to guarantee the security of your data. Furthermore, Brasil Bitcoin has a partnership with COAF and follows all Federal Revenue regulations.

No, Bitcoin buying and selling operations are legal in Brazil. Including the fact that Bitcoin has been recognized by large government bodies such as the Central Bank, CVM and Federal Revenue.

Buying Bitcoin is simpler than you think!

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