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Cryptocurrency Bundles

Diversify your investments in bundles with exposure to trending cryptocurrencies, with no fees.

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What are Cryptocurrency Bundles?

These are baskets that make up cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization*, in different categories.

The composition of the package is automatically updated monthly, so that the asset portfolio always remains up to date with the cryptoassets that are being traded most in their category.

* According to CoinMarketCap

Cryptocurrency Bundle Application

How to buy Cryptocurrency Bundles?

Create an account at Brasil Bitcoin

The first step is very simple, just create an account at Brasil Bitcoin.

Deposit via PIX

Make a deposit and the amount will be available in your account in a few moments.


Now, just access the packages page, select what you want to buy and start negotiating.

What are the advantages of investing in Cryptocurrency Bundles?


Stay exposed to the biggest cryptocurrencies from different categories by purchasing just one asset.

Less risks

When purchasing a package, you are distributing your capital across several cryptocurrencies, diluting the risks.

Immediate rescue

Unlike traditional investment packages, you can redeem instantly.


Packages are automatically updated monthly, adjusting asset exposure.

Common questions

The price of a package is formed based on the performance of the assets that make it up. In other words, if the package’s cryptocurrencies go up, the package goes up, if the package’s cryptocurrencies go down, the value of the package also goes down.

Yes, the composition of the packages is updated every first day of each month. The coins with the lowest market value leave and make way for the coins with the highest market value in the respective category.

Yes, the new package composition is calculated 7 days before the last day of that month, if you have a balance in the respective package, you will be notified by email and via the Brasil Bitcoin App at the time of the calculation, so you will have time to sell your packages If you don’t want to continue with the new composition.

No, when you buy a package, Brasil Bitcoin purchases the cryptocurrencies that make it up instantly from one of several partner exchanges, guaranteeing the best price. These cryptocurrencies are stored but cannot be withdrawn. But you can sell your packages and withdraw the value in reais at any time.

No, Brasil Bitcoin does not charge any fees when buying, selling or managing packages.

Currently, the minimum value to negotiate packages is R$50 or 5 shares, whichever is greater.

Trade Cryptocurrency packages at the largest exchange in Brazil!

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