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What is it and how to invest in NFT safely

Find out more about this technological market, with large percentages of growth and investments Billionaires.

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What is NFT?

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a way of representing unique virtual elements such as works of art digital music, music and games, making them unique and unalterable.

This market has already been exposed to investments from several world-class companies, such as Louis Vuitton, NBA, PepsiCo and Mc Donalds. Great football players like Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are also in the know from the universe of NFTs.

It is being increasingly sought after due to the opportunity to become the owner of a work exclusive.

Investing in NFT

NFT Bundle

The NFT Package is the package created by Brasil Bitcoin, which aims to bring together the most popular cryptocurrencies valuable within the NFT category.

So that the composition is always up to date, the Package undergoes changes every month, aiming to bring together the best performing crypto assets.

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Why invest in NFT Bundle?

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When purchasing the NFT Package, you are diluting your capital in several cryptocurrencies at the same time, reducing risks.

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Chances of appreciation

The Package has relevant potential for appreciation, as it leads a promising trajectory within the technology universe.

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Stay up to date with the best cryptocurrencies in this segment in just one asset.

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Instant redemption

While conventional investment packages require a certain amount of time to redeem, you can redeem the your balance immediately.

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The composition of the Package undergoes automatic modifications every month, ensuring the combination of the best cryptoassets.

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As it is an innovative and revolutionary market, large companies and artists began to invest billion in this category.

How to buy NFT Package at Brasil Bitcoin?

1. Create your account at Brasil Bitcoin

The first step is to create an account at Brasil Bitcoin, to do so, simply click here.

2. Make the first deposit

Access the ’Deposit’ tab, select the ’Real (BRL)’ option, copy the PIX key indicated on the page and perform payment using the financial institution of your choice.

3. Buy the NFT Bundle

Go to the ’Funds’ section and click on ’NFT Fund’. After that, just fill in the amount you want to negotiate and click ’Buy.

Buy NFT Bundle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Brasil Bitcoin follows all Federal Revenue and COAF standards, being considered one of the safest exchanges in the country, totaling more than 3 billion traded on the platform.

NFT is the acronym for Non-Fungible Token, it represents unique and exclusive elements, such as works of art digital, music and game items. It is a cryptographic token preserved on the Blockchain, which makes it Immutable.

The NFT Bundle is a set of assets made up of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the NFT category.

Create your account at Brasil Bitcoin by clicking here, make the first deposit via PIX, access the tab Funds’, select the ’NFT Fund’, fill in the field with the amount you want to trade and click the button Purchase.

Brasil Bitcoin does not charge administration or trading fees for Packages.

The minimum value for negotiating available Packages is R$50,00.

Yes, the NFT Package undergoes monthly changes in its composition, with the aim of combining cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization, ensuring that the Package is always updated and composed of the best cryptocurrencies in this segment. One week before the update, you will receive an email and notification so that you are aware of the Change.

So that the Package can be traded, Brasil Bitcoin is responsible for purchasing the cryptocurrencies that compose the Package directly with partner exchanges, making sure that the cryptocurrencies are in best price possible. When purchasing the Package, the crypto assets remain stored on the platform, which makes it impossible to withdraw them individually, but you can redeem your balance whenever you want.

The variation occurs due to the performance of the cryptocurrencies that make up the NFT Package, based on the supply and demand.

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