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Invest in the Metaverse in a simple and secure way

Enter the market that is receiving billion-dollar investment from companies like Nike, Gucci and Adidas.

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What is the Metaverse Package?

The Metaverso Package is the package created by Brasil Bitcoin, with the aim of having the composition of cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization in the Metaverse category.

The package is changed every month, to keep the composition of the largest cryptoactives always updated, seeking good performance and autonomy of the package.

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Invest in the fastest growing market

The Metaverse is the virtual universe that aims to reproduce reality and is having the global investment from brands such as Nike, Gucci and Prada, generating more than R$1 trillion in the year past. With the Metaverse Package, you will be exposed to the largest cryptocurrencies in the category, which is receiving investment from global brands.

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Why invest in the Metaverse Package?

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Be exposed to the biggest cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse with just one asset.

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Lower risks

When purchasing the Metaverso Package, you are diluting your money across several assets, reducing your risks.

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Possible appreciation

The package has great potential for appreciation as it is a big bet for the future of technology.

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Instant redemption

Unlike traditional investment packages, you can redeem instantly.

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The composition of the package changes automatically every month, ensuring exposure to the largest assets.

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Invest in the fastest growing market that is receiving billion-dollar contributions from large companies.

How to buy Metaverso Package in Brasil Bitcoin?

1. Create an account at Brasil Bitcoin

The first step is to create an account at Brasil Bitcoin, you can start by clicking here.

2. Deposit on the platform

Access the ’deposit’ tab, select ’Real (BRL)’, copy the Pix key and make the payment from any financial institution.

3. Buy the Metaverse Pack

Go to the ’Funds’ section and click on ’Metaverse Fund’. And then, just fill in the value you want negotiate and click ’Buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Brasil Bitcoin is one of the pioneering and safest exchanges on the market, having traded more than 3 billion on its platform, following all Federal Revenue and COAF regulations.

The Metaverse Bundle is the basket of assets made up of the largest cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse.

Create an account at Brasil Bitcoin by clicking here, make a deposit via Pix, access the ’Funds’ section, select the ’Metaverse Fund, fill in the field with the amount you want to trade and click ’Buy.

Yes, the Metaverse Package carries out a monthly update to its composition to ensure that the Package always be up to date with the most valuable cryptocurrencies in your category. You will receive an email and a notification one week in advance of the update.

When purchasing a package, Brasil Bitcoin purchases the cryptocurrencies that make up the package in several partner exchangeages, guaranteeing the best price. These cryptocurrencies are stored and not can be withdrawn, but you can view and trade your balance at any time.

Brasil Bitcoin does not provide any administration or negotiation fees for Packages.

You can start trading from R$ 50.

Based on the performance of the currencies that make up the Package, which is based on supply and demand.

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